Sunday, June 16, 2013

Looking ahead: June 17-23

With plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures to greet us, students had an ideal first weekend in León with their host families. While some may have traveled with their families to a country home or spent time with relatives/friends, there was also plenty to do here in the city.  

Tomorrow, June 17th, we will have our first "official" day of classes and our walking tour of León to familiarize the students with some of the city´s landmarks and best ice cream shops (many of them have already found their way!). The instructor team will also hold the first host family meeting for the summer in the evening to check in with everyone and talk about policies, excursions, and of course to introduce our new literature instructor, Tamara Mitchell.

On Friday, June 24th, we will travel south toward Segovia, home of ancient Roman aqueduct and the famed Álcazar, where Isabella I was coronated and also one of the inspirations for Disney's Cinderalla castle. 

Next weekend, our students will have the opportunity to attend a bullfight, held in conjunction with the local fiestas celebrating San Juan and San Pedro. The bullfight will showcase some of Spain's most talented bullfighters and also allow students to experience firsthand both the excitement and terror of this "dance between man and beast." During the fiestas, there will also be a fair, arts and crafts, cultural performances and exhibits for the students and their families to take advantage of. 


  1. I do appreciate the blog, just one suggestion - could you possibly change the font as I find this difficult to read (and it's not even in Spanish!)

  2. Well, I looked at the blog in internet explorer and the font is much more readable. Google chrome font is tough to read so I will make sure I look at it in Explorer!