Thursday, June 27, 2013

La corrida de toros - The bullfight

It's been said that a "picture is worth" a thousand words and I believe that these photos will say plenty. This past Sunday, Mark and I took the students to the annual corrida de toros in León, held in conjunction with the fiestas of San Juan and San Pedro. Here, the students witnessed the controversial dance between man and beast that continues to divide Spaniards and foreigners alike. While some students were ready to leave after the first bull had fallen, others held out until the very end and questioned the prizes (1 ear, 2 ears, or 2 ears and a tail) as well as likelihood of the bull being spared.

This year´s corrida featured three well-known toreros: Enrique Ponce, David "El Fandi" Fandila and Juan José Padilla, who famously lost an eye last year during a bullfight. Given the seriousness of his injury, our students were astounded by both Padilla´s agility in the ring and his willingness to tempt fate again.

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