Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This week in León...

It´s hard to believe that we´ve been gone for 41 days! But as the Program starts to wind down, the instructors and students are as busy as ever! Today (Tuesday) marks the end of our classes, as tomorrow morning we will be rehearsing for our función de despedida, which includes various songs and two short plays that the students have prepared for their host families and friends. The función begins at 7:30 and is one of the highlights of the summer as students get to display all that they have learned. Thursday we will have our "exit" exam and students will enjoy a final afternoon/evening at home with their host families. Friday morning, we will depart early for Madrid, where we will spend the day touring the city and visiting the Prado art museum and the royal palace. On Saturday, we will travel to Toledo, where students will get to experience the history (and heat) of the city known for its metalwork and picturesque landscape, immortalized by the famous painter, El Greco. We will return to Madrid that afternoon so students can enjoy their last moments of Spanish sunshine and shopping.

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