Thursday, July 18, 2013

A little Gaudí and a lot of chocolate - who could ask for more?

On Saturday, we offered students an optional excursión to Astorga, a nearby city along the Camino de Santiago and also home to famed architect Antoní Gaudí´s Palacio episcopal and the local Museo de chocolate. 

Our first stop was the Palacio episcopal, which  was every bit the palace (and where a number of students volunteered to stay!) Here, students got to experience both religious history and the some of the most distinguishable elements of Gaudí´s work, including but not limited to the seemingly endless spiral staircase.

Our next stop was the Museo de chocolate, a high (and delicous) point for students as well as instructors as while the guide explained, we sampled. Many students purchased gifts for family and friends here, let´s hope they make it home! :)

During their free time, many students explored the Plaza mayor and/or the beautiful cathedral. Although rather "small" compared to that of León, Astorga´s cathedral possesses a beauty and charm of it's own.

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